Patch Management

With targeted attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities shrinking the window of time between vulnerability disclosure and exploit availability, it’s becoming more incumbent on security managers to understand the assets in their IT environment and the patch levels of those machines.

With Effective Techs approach on vulnerability management and IT Patch Management best practices, our experts explain how to improve your asset discovery processes, determine the patch level of the machines in your environment, and improve testing and deployment processes to keep pace with patch and vulnerability management.

Our Patch and Security Engineer discusses:

  • Patching and remediation as a component of the vulnerability management lifecycle.
  • Implementing a vulnerability management program including scanning and prioritization.
  • Remediation: When and what to patch:
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Validation
  • Remediation alternatives.

whether your infrastructure is in need of a complete patch management solution,  or simply a solid plan and strategy to run with on your own, Effective Techs has you covered, call us now to find out how we help our small business clients stay patched like the fortune 500.

Some of our Patch Management Partners include: